Friday, February 20, 2015

Natural Hair Journey- One - What do you want for your hair?

I know this seems like a weird question but if you're newly natural or considering going natural it's a legitimate question. I consider this the first step in going natural because it's a process and you won't have Tracee Ellis Ross hair overnight. As a matter of fact you may never have her hair because there are so many textures and curls. More on that in the next post.

At this point you have decided if you plan to transition or big chop. I recommend to ask yourself  WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR HAIR so you can have a plan for your hair journey. Especially if you have been relaxed all your life this will be a different experience. 

I recently did a big chop and I have decided I want healthy natural hair with a nice shape/style. I've never been into flat ironing my hair so that will stay the same. So I can't wait to hear your hair plans. What do you want for your hair?

Big chop or transistion My original post introducing my natural hair series. I have cut my hair since the original post. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Papyrus - Valentine edition

Normally I'm not a card person. I never gave out cards until I found the Papyrus brand. I was at my fave store, Target, and I came across the cutest card section. All the papyrus cards have the cutest details and writings I would actually write in a card myself. When I say it's the only brand I buy it truly is. 

So each occasion I buy a card from papyrus I plan to share it here with you all. Today's edition is valentines. 

The best sippy cup. Philips Avent -My Penguin Sippy Cup

First I would like to say this is my own review. It's not sponsored. I wanted to do this review to save all the parents time searching for a sippy cup. I could not wait to do a review. Transitioning from bottle to sippy cup can be a trying event. Not because of your baby but having the wrong sippy cup is what creates the problem. I was transitioning my second child and couldn't find my favorite sippy cup I used with my first child so I had to do tons of research to find a new cup. 

While doing research on Google I came across a few blog posts on the My Penguin Sippy Cup by Philip Avent. They worked with several moms to create this cup. I took a huge gamble on this cup because it was very new. There was no info on the cup besides the moms who helped create it but It did have all the things I was looking for.

No leaking
Easy for child to drink
Easy to clean

So I figured what the heck. If it doesn't work I'll try another cup. Long story short the cup came in, I tried it, and my son loved it. I bet you're wondering how could I know he loved it. Well, I did try another cup first that he did not like and he showed it. So when he tried this cup it was instantly easy for him. He had no issues with the cup at all. I have to add the cup is beyond cute. I think that's another reason he liked it. 

The pix above are the cup fully assembled then taken apart. As you can see it's very simple. Only three components. The cup itself, the top that twists on, and the inside disc that keeps the cup for leaking or spilling. Yes if the inside disc is missing the cup will leak.

A few product features
Angled spout
The angled spout is designed to help toddlers drink without tilting their head back too much.

Soft touch handles
Trainer handles help your toddler to hold the cup and drink independently. They are shaped for little hands to hold easily and for anti-slip.

Leak free!
The new patent pending valve ensures that liquid comes out only when the child is drinking from it.

Hygiene cap always keeps the cup clean.
The protective hygiene cap always keeps the spout clean.

BPA free material
All parts are dishwasher safe
Compatibile with Philips Avent bottles

Here are a few pix of my son with his cup. As you can see he uses it with ease. Since the cup worked out so well I instantly order more. The cups are sold in a double set as well as individually. I purchased the double set because I like to have several cups on hand. Just in case you are wondering the cups come in girl colors if you have a girl or prefer different shades. I have links below if you're interested. 

Overall I highly recommend the cup if you're in the market for a sippy cup. I will say the cup is recommended for 12 months and plus. I know some moms start their babies earlier on sippy cups so that is something to keep in mind. The spout is hard so if you're looking for a soft spout  Avent also has a version for younger babies. 

My only notes:
The cup goes on very smooth and easy. Meaning if you don't pay attention you can place the lid on tilted and it will leak. So not bad just something to note. It's an easy fix. For example if you're in a rush you could place the lid on incorrectly and yes we have. Also the cup is 9 ounces. Good size.

I have added this to my baby essentials list as you can see how much I like it. Check out my video I made below. It's only ten seconds, so very short. I wanted to demo and show the cup does not leak for those who may be wondering. Thank you for reading my review. If you have any questions please leave them below. Has anyone tried the Philips Avent My Penguin Sippy Cup? I would love to know your thoughts. 

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