I heart Kate Spade

10:01 PM

I heart Kate Spade

Kate spade dress, $395
Kate Spade merino wool sweater, $495
Kate Spade silk ruffle blouse, $295
Kate Spade cardigan, $225
Kate spade
Kate Spade fuschia heels, $350
Kate Spade New York Graduated Color Necklace, $148

For years now I've had an ongoing obsession with Kate Spade. Every season there are pieces I just fall in love with. The only downside...the price. I'm such a sale shopper and I can't bring myself to pay full price, let alone $200 plus for a sweater. So finally I think I will invest in a few items. Yes I think I'm really going to bite the bullet. I will keep you guys posted. Above  are my fave pieces for fall from Kate.

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