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3:06 PM

Don't you hate when you need a specific item and it's nowhere to be found or it's completely out of your budget. Well that is my current problem. My husband and I are buying our rental and I'm very excited. So you know that means it's time to decorate. I've been so busy these few weeks I haven't had time to post.

I've started with the living room. I will be sure to post pics of the new blue hue on the walls. I really love it. My style has changed a lot since my first place. In my mind I feel my living area would be complete with white and navy lattice panels but a pair of panels run for $150 and up. I actually need four panels since I have two huge windows. If anyone has advice for where I can find lattice panels please let me know. As of now has the best selection, just not the best price.

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