Monday, November 14, 2011

Harajuka mini

I can't remember if I have told you guys but I love Gwen Stefani. She's my fave singer, celebrity, whatever you want to call it. I was at Target early Sunday just in case the mini line was super popular. My target did not have much so I had to visit another closer to the city. 

Here's my honest opinion. The clothes are made very well. They are a tad more expensive than the normal target brands( in my opinion, again). I do love Target clothes but on the downside I didn't see much in my daughters size. She is a 2T and all the super cute clothes(things I would wear) were in the 4 and up size. So I'm sure I'll buy those items and save it for Kennedy. I did snag this super cute shirt above. It was $13 bucks. 

The photo that started it all

This is the photo that inspired me for my living/dining area. It's from an older Potterybarn catalog and Potterybarn happens to feature Benjamin Moore colors within their catalog. The color above is Newbury Port( I believe) but it appeared much darker in my paint swatch book (yes I own several paint swatch books). So I chose Phillipsburg Blue instead. Next on the agenda is to create this exact frame setup. I have my letter L (for Larkin, my last name) and I'm so ready. More to come....

In case you were wondering

I finally have pics of my living/dining area with the new color. Don't mind the decor. There is a lot of design happening if you can't tell...for real. Anyway, I have the room divided into three sections and above is the office area. Everything is staying but the office chair and curtains. 

Next up is the tv and sofa area, or the middle of the room. Everything is staying but the ottoman. I plan to add a much bigger ottoman in a navy color. For now I love everything else. Oh yeah, you can barely see it but the ceiling fan is leaving as well. You can see the cord next to the sign on the wall...ugh.

I wanted to show to angles of the dining room. So pretty much everything will be leaving but the dining table. I think a round table fits the space well but I plan to paint it. Either white or black. The chairs are leaving for sure. I know...they are kind of horrible. 

I also plan to have a Potterybarn gallery on the wall. Those are a few of the pics on the table. So what do you guys think? In care you are wondering the paint color is Phillipsburg blue by Benjamin Moore but I had it matched at Sherwin Williams. I love Sherwin Williams. 

Monday, November 7, 2011


Don't you hate when you need a specific item and it's nowhere to be found or it's completely out of your budget. Well that is my current problem. My husband and I are buying our rental and I'm very excited. So you know that means it's time to decorate. I've been so busy these few weeks I haven't had time to post.

I've started with the living room. I will be sure to post pics of the new blue hue on the walls. I really love it. My style has changed a lot since my first place. In my mind I feel my living area would be complete with white and navy lattice panels but a pair of panels run for $150 and up. I actually need four panels since I have two huge windows. If anyone has advice for where I can find lattice panels please let me know. As of now has the best selection, just not the best price.
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