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So of course everyone is familiar with the photo below. It's Carries apartment from Sex and The City 2. Every since I saw the photos above her bed I knew I had to recreate it.

Here is a trail and error for the placement of the frames.

And finally!!! I'm so excited. I love how it turned out.

I plan to do another wall in my dining room so I learned a lot from this project. If you plan to do this here are a few tips
1. Take time to find your frames.
This is very important. You really want to invest in quality frames because there are a lot of poorly constructed frames that are overpriced.  I have 11 frames in total and this cost me about $100 because I purchased most of my frames from Ross for $6 buck. Target has wonderful frames and they start at $15 and increase to $30. 

2. Use a temporary layout first. I saw Emily Henderson use this technique on her show(Secrets from a Stylist) and I thought it was genius. I used newspaper and cut the shape of the frame then made a mark for the nail with a marker. It was so easy. I love that I was able to rearrange the cutouts before hanging the frames. I was really able to play around with different arrangements before making my mind up. 

There you have it and there will be more to come!!!

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