Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My next project

Since I'm on a bit of a hiatus I'm not doing much renovating/decorating, although there is tons to be done. I'm a huge budget girl. Anyway the next project is going to be my daughters room. Her room is pretty much done. Only a few minor changes are needed. 

So here is the list

  1. Fill all holes and cracks before painting.
  2. Paint! (the color will be white, BM Decorators white to be specific)
  3. Buy a bookcase (there will be a bit of DIYing)
  4. Find a headboard (thrift store) and paint it. 
As you can see this is a very short list which shouldn't be more than $100. 

Recently I added the letter K to Kennedy's bedroom door. I'm teaching her how to spell her name. So everyday I say "This is Kennedy's room. Kennedy starts with a K". At this age it's all about repetition. 


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