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Living room pillows

4:46 PM

Since my great room is a navy blue-ish color I decided to use greens,teals, and other blues for accent colors. The pillow is for sure a go. This will be my starting point.

Right now my sofa is a tan color, but it will be reupholstered in gray sometime later this year. For the next pillow I really wanted to incorporate the greens that I talked about. So these two look great together, right? Honestly the bottom pillow I wouldn't normally go for but I feel they work well together.

But then I found these pillows.

Really, what's a girl to do. I love every single pillow but at this point I feel they all clash. More than anything I know I'm starting with the very first pillow, the navy trellis. Now I just have to decide which ones I'm going to decorate with for sure. Any suggestions?

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