Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I met your mother

I'm not a big fan of tv and I hate reality tv, but every few years I always find a show I become obsessed with. My first favorite show was 90210, then Friends. A few years ago it became the Office and Madmen, they are my all time faves ever!!!

Around 2 years ago when I became a stay at home mom I started watching How I met your mother and I have never looked back. It's a very interesting show if you have not seen it. The main character, Ted, is actually telling the story of how he meet his wife to his kids. It's very original. I'm caught up on most episodes, but the show is now in it's 7th season and no sign of the mother, only a few tips.

So part of my obsession I will keep track of the facts we do know about the mother.

- No one we know

- Cindy's room-mate

- Is in college

- Takes economics 304

- Currently has a yellow umbrella

- Ted meets her at the wedding, which he attends as the best man at the end of Season 6

-she was at the same club as Ted in the St. Patricks episode. 

If anyone has anymore tips please feel free to let me know and I'll make updates as needed. And yes, I need a life. lol

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love Target

I always find the best items at Target. I always loved this bowl and since I was such a good girl the bowl finally went on clearance. Yeah me!!! It was $4.78.

Just in case you're wondering those little birds are salt and pepper shakers from Pier 1. 

My next project

Since I'm on a bit of a hiatus I'm not doing much renovating/decorating, although there is tons to be done. I'm a huge budget girl. Anyway the next project is going to be my daughters room. Her room is pretty much done. Only a few minor changes are needed. 

So here is the list

  1. Fill all holes and cracks before painting.
  2. Paint! (the color will be white, BM Decorators white to be specific)
  3. Buy a bookcase (there will be a bit of DIYing)
  4. Find a headboard (thrift store) and paint it. 
As you can see this is a very short list which shouldn't be more than $100. 

Recently I added the letter K to Kennedy's bedroom door. I'm teaching her how to spell her name. So everyday I say "This is Kennedy's room. Kennedy starts with a K". At this age it's all about repetition. 


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is it really February?

Seriously, January has come and gone and I have not done one blog post. Although this is my personal blog, meaning I feel I can post whatever I like pertaining to my life. I have not done such a good job blogging about my personal life. How is that even possible? There has been a lot going on and I'm making several changes to go in the right direction.

I recently lost my job in November and career searching has been my all time consuming priority at the moment. It's going so-so and I'm back at the drawing board at the moment. I've always loved fashion and I'm considering starting a online boutique on Ebay. More like I have completed the process, just deciding on what to sell, but more on that later.

I wanted to do a quick update on where to find me.

TheChicTiff-You Tube channel
A few of you may know but I have a youtube channel. I post there often. Its very fun and I really enjoy doing it.

Of course I'm at Pinterest and it's so addicting. It's like an organizing, party planning, decorating, fashion divas dream website. You will love it. Trust me!!!

And Instagram. This is for all of you Iphone users. I'm not sure if it's available to other smart phone users, but there is a fun photo of the day posting going on. I have all the details below.

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