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Before I became a Sahm I worked in retail as a Manager. My last two jobs were with Bcbg and J.Crew, which I loved. I've always loved fashion and there is nothing  better than a retail discount. One thing I noticed for sure about being a Sahm is that your wardrobe is completely different. There really isn't a need for heels, flirty silk blouses, or even a full face of makeup on some days. Looking after your children becomes priority and your fashion needs kinda change. So I had to give myself a fashion intervention and came up with this list/guide.

I want to give you a fun, fashionable, easy, mommy on the go wardrobe guide. Of course these are my opinions and actual picks I would (and probably will purchase) so you can change anything to cater more to your needs, but they are mainly general suggestions. Consider this list basics or essentials to a new wardrobe.

Fashionable Mommy Checklist

-Dark Rinse Figure flattering Jeans
I prefer skinny jeans because they flatter my shape, but just try to stay away from baggy jeans. There are a few styles you  can choose from skinny, boyfriend, relaxed. Just try them on to be sure. Old Navy, Gap, and J.crew are great places to start. Also jeans in your favorite color can also be another option.

-Denim alternative
Although I could live in jeans it's nice to have another pant option. I recommend something with a nice fit and that is comfortable for running around with the kids.

-Cute Tee Shirts
Now I know this may sound obvious but you really want to invest in cute tee shirts that fit well. Fit is key here but you also want to show your personal style. I try to look for tees that have details. I like the pocket on the tee below.

-Blouses or Shirts
I know I made a comment above about not needing silk blouses but it's important to keep any type of blouse or shirt in the arsenal just in case you need a dressier option for lunch with friends or something similar.

-Stylish Cardigans
This item is key. With any outfit it's important to layer and a nice cardigan will always do the trick

Blazers are so in right now and they are never ever leaving, ever. A blazer can make any outfit look chic and it works with everything. You can wear a blazer with jeans, dress, or suit. It's so versatile.

-Casual Dresses
A casual dress is just a dress you can run around town in and still be comfortable yet stylish.  The thing I love about dresses is that they're 1 item. Just put on this 1 item and boom you're done and out the door.

You want to have something heavier than a blazer or cardigan but not a winter coat. Jackets are perfect for out of the blue chilly nights or even the movie theater.

-Cute ballet flats/ Cute flat boots
I absolutely hate running around in bulky unattractive tennis shoes, but sad as it may be I have done it. So I always recommend ballet flats. I often buy mine in a bight color. They look stylish and are often made very well so they're comfy. I love J.crew flats. I also mentioned flat boots. I was thinking in terms of fall and winter. It's all the same info as above just a different season.

-Moderate size purse
Now some of us are just big purse girls, so if that's you then it's ok. You know what you're doing but if not then you need to switch to a nice size purse.  Just enough size to hold what you need for the day.

-Bathing suit
Ok so don't look at the screen with a blank stare. We all know when you have kids we at some point in time have to make a beach or/and pool visit. Kids live for that and I'm sure you remember loving the pool as well when you were a child. So it's best to take out a day, try on as many bathing suits as possible until you find one that is cute, figure flattering, and stylish. No I'm not demanding everyone have a one piece on hand. It's all about what you like and what you're comfortable in but yeah I'll have a one piece until I lose these last few pounds. Plus it's just good to be prepared and have a bathing suit on hand you already love.

-Small purse
I bet some of you are like what the heck do I need with a small purse. Well this isn't  your everyday purse. This purse is when your taking the kids to the park, Disney world, maybe outlet shopping. For certain occasions you don't really need a purse but do so a small cross strap purse is perfect for these occasions  Believe me, because I wont' let you wear a fanny pack.

-A Casual shoe
Naturally there will be a time you will need a tennis shoe. When selecting your shoe try to stay away from anything to bulky or athletic looking. There is a time and place for that. You want to be comfortable but we don't want to take away from the outfit either. For this I recommend Converse All Star. They are classic, go with pretty much everything, and comes in a billion colors.

So here's the list and I hope you found it helpful. Let me know what you think. I have much more to follow. Like focusing on individual pieces, budgeting for a new wardrobe, what colors to buy,  a dressier wardrobe (because we are adults still)  and stores I highly recommend.

all images are from J.Crew, Madewell, JC Pennys, and Banana Republic.

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