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So now that we have a guide of what to buy, and we have a list on how to edit your current wardrobe. Now it's time for a crucial step and  this is something that isn't talked about, but its a time saver and money saver.

When putting together a wardrobe it's key to decide what colors you want to wear. Your "Color Story". What is your color story going to be. I know it seems like a small detail but every time you buy something you want to make sure it matches something you already own. If not, this is how you end of with tons of clothing but nothing to wear.

Of course this doesn't mean you won't ever buy certain colors. As you expand your wardrobe you will add new colors and patterns into the mix. So for now lets get started with an example because seeing is believing. All these pieces will be from Banana Republic, a great store for starting a new wardrobe.

Untitled #35

As you can see you have two outfits that work well together. Lets say you switch tops for each outfit. Although top 2 could work with bottom 1, top 1 doesn't match bottom 2. This is how you can end up with tons of clothes but nothing to wear.

It's important to buy an item and have several uses or looks from it. Lets go ahead and pick our color palette. I love navy so that will be my choice

Untitled #36

As you can see this is the original Mommy on the go wardrobe list. I selected each item to match my navy color palette. I'm pretty happy with my selections. These are all items I would actually wear myself. Don't get me wrong I know white pants aren't for every mom out there, but I like it. So it's nice every once in awhile.

Up next I'll put together some looks with the items above.

Collage 2

Banana Republic striped knit dress / Banana Republic short sleeve sweater / Banana Republiccoat / Banana Republic blazer / Banana Republic slim fit pants / Banana Republic chino pants / Banana Republic Tipped one-button blazer | Banana Republic

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